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10 good reasons to live in Florida!

Miami, Orlando, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, life is good in Florida. The French District website has listed 10 good reasons to move there. So, convinced?

1. Morning light is enchanting

In Florida, between 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., going out on your balcony or in your garden, loading the children’s schoolbags in the car, going to have your coffee at the corner of the street, are all opportunities to enjoy the first rays so sweet from Florida. Both amateur and professional photographers love Florida mornings. And you ?

2. Winter lasts between… 2 and 10 days

In winter in Miami, the temperature drops and sometimes approaches zero. That day, we take out our little wool that smells of mothballs, the coquettes unsheath the boots and coats, we call friends to complain that the winter is harsh, and above all, we recharge our batteries in the freshness. Because the rest of the year, bermuda shorts, flip flops and t-shirts remain the official uniform.

3. Nature is everywhere

The trees are sumptuous and protected, the Everglades offer an exceptional playground for lovers of hiking and photo safaris; in Miami, for example, the Coconut Grove district offers an incredible density of trees and tropical plants.

All of Florida is home to many wild animals: a pair of peacocks crossing the road and snubbing you by blocking traffic, an alligator tanning its scales as you ride a family bike down a small path in the Everglades, a racoon munching on your picnic leftovers…You’re going to live with the beasts in Florida!

4. The beaches are huge and for all tastes

Florida is bordered by oceans on its three sides and has more than 1400 km of coastline, not counting the thousands of km of bays and projections. No wonder, then, that there are beaches everywhere and for everyone and all ages, for all tastes and all moods.

5. Real estate is attractive

Real estate in Florida offers great opportunities for European investors, especially the French. Prices are often lower than those found on European soil, the Dollar remains weaker than the Euro, taxation is less restrictive than in France, and the French are fond of the sun.

6. The economy is diversifying and taxation is soft

Florida becoming more and more attractive, services to individuals and businesses are developing in all areas.

If the local workforce cannot meet all your needs, Florida is a State where the good life, the education system, the cost of living, the weather, the environment, the taxation and the leisure offer will facilitate your recruitment policy.

Whether you want to launch a tech startup, a personal service, an import-export company or a luxury brand, Florida is a state that will probably provide you with a local market, a first establishment to access the large American market or as a bonus an opening to South American countries.

Florida benefits from a rather lenient but very specific tax system compared to the 49 other American states. For example, Florida does not levy personal income tax, and this rule is formally enshrined in its constitution. Back when Florida was infested with crocs and had no air conditioning, this was a pretty effective way to lure the immigrant.

7. There are excellent schools for your little geniuses

Florida has sought in recent years (and it has worked very well) to attract young families in order to revitalize its territory, and local authorities have understood very well that this policy must go through a quality education system. The investment has created a virtuous circle, good schools attract good students who encourage schools to seek excellence.

8. Security is… secure

The police have a heavy presence in Florida. It’s good for your safety, less good for your wallet in case of speeding. Florida, and especially Miami, has invested heavily in security in recent years. It’s good for tourism, and what’s good for tourists is good for Florida.

9. The cultural offer is growing

Concerts, museums, events, the Florida offer continues to grow. Of course, Florida will never be New York or Chicago, however Miami, St Petersburg, Naples, Orlando or even Fort Lauderdale, multiply places and moments of culture. So don’t tell us there’s nothing to visit in Florida because that means you’re not reading the French District!

10. The French and Francophone community is very present

There are official figures (mainly coming from the registers of French people established outside France kept by consulates), however all French people living in Florida know that the reality is much greater.

You may be looking to meet mostly Americans in Florida to facilitate your integration, however a Lyonnais Bouchon, a French Wine and Cheese evening, a fresh sausage, olive and Bandol aperitif, or a French District evening will allow you to enjoy a little time in the French, who you will surely miss after a few months (weeks?) in Florida.

crédit : frenchdistrict.com

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