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5 reasons to invest in Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates and also the most populated of the country, although it is not the capital. Dubai continues to develop at all levels, but especially in economic and tourism level.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in Dubai:

1: An idyllic environment 

In addition to the postcard scenery, Dubai has seen its population and tourism explode in last years. The demand for real estate has, so, too, exploded. If it is worth buying a property on the market at the lowest, it is even more interesting to buy a good property in a booming market, to ensure added value for resale and a difficulty zero to rent the property.

2: A booming economy

In this complicated world economic climate, Dubai is one of the few cities to get by perfectly well, and fly over this crisis.
Investing in real estate in a city or a country with a dynamic economy will still be much less risky than investing in a country with a mixed economy!

3: Prestige property

The city attracts a lot and especially the rich people, leasing or buying dream properties. Dubai is not accessible to all investors but the quality of goods is incomparable. The rental property is for it even more interesting, especially when it comes to seasonal rentals, for wealthy tourists who stay for their holiday. Customers who detonated the rate of return!

4: Substantial tax benefits

No income tax
No corporation tax
No capital gains tax
No solidarity tax on wealth (ISF)
No succession law
No property tax
No residence tax

5: No double taxation

Although the property is not taxed in Dubai, you should consult the convention to avoid double taxation between France and the UAE, to see if some aspects may be taxed in France, even if they are the not in Dubai. By consulting this agreement, still we find that France imposes assets located in Dubai at the ISF. Technically, as it is a double taxation agreement, it states that the French tax authorities will calculate the ISF by deducting from them a tax credit equal to the tax paid in Dubai. However, as this tax is zero in the UAE, so the French rate of the ISF will apply. Apart from this, no other French tax will be added. And honestly, it is best not to pay “only” the ISF, rather than the long list mentioned above, even if there is no double taxation!

Sources: gagnersonargent.fr

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Hemaa Thiagarajan

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