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Why you should invest in Ibiza

Ibiza is certainly one of Europe’s most famous island, but do you really know it?
It’s not just about sun and parties. With 2 900 hours of sun every year, amazing beaches and beautiful countryside landscapes, it is one of the Mediterranean’s best destinations.
Why is it so famous? Ibiza offers a great quality of life and a unique lifestyle: art, decoration, food, music and Spanish parties!
Only 2 hours away by plane from Europe’s biggest capitals, the island has everything you need to relax and enjoy the sun. There, you can find: calm, parties, beaches, country sides, hippies, jetsetters, and both important and normal people… The island is very safe, with high-end services and the locals are very welcoming.
Besides being a sunny destination, Ibiza’s real estate market is very solid, especially because of an international clientele and high rent prices. Even though the market price is up, it is still affordable and less expensive than the French Riviera’s real estate market (based on same property). Ibiza is also turning green and is all about being eco-friendly. There are a lot a laws limiting construction, in order to preserve the environment.

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Hemaa Thiagarajan

le 27 June 2016