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The 16th fashion

Of stuck-up reputation, the 16th did not attract anymore. Since the reduction in rates of credit, the real estate started again hardly in posh districts, getting back those who had abandoned him formerly. Young adults mean settling down with their children there keeping their former rites: stroll in the zoological garden, the jogging in the wood of Boulogne, trails round in the park of Bagatelle, glass at the edge of the swimming pool Molitor.

The West of Paris became trendy with numerous good addresses strongly appreciated trends. Certain hurdy-gurdies institutions even recovered a beauty: the Rotunda of the mute reinvented by the New York agency Roman& Williams, the station of the mute completely rethought and decorated again by the architect Laura Gonzalez and Frank & Fils was resumed by the big grocer’s shop of Paris.

Soon, it will be in Jeff Koons’s tour to become established in the West with a work 11 meters high in homage to the victims of the attacks of 2015 which will be placed between the avenue of New York and the flame of the freedom!!!! The 16th rebels.


Héloïse Schillio
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Héloïse Schillio

le 23 February 2018