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Mauritus : oceanview villas

Azuri is a beautiful and paradisiac area in the North East side of Mauritius. It offers to its visitors a unique et calm lifestyle. The Azuri program has everything Mauritius life has to offer: the sea, the warm Indian Ocean wind, a quiet and calm lifestyle, schools, hotels, restaurants, leisure and shops around luxurious villas. The village is both dynamic et and evolution with permanent residents and holiday residents. Azuri is the perfect destination for those who seek a better way of living.

Mauritius is known for its warm weather, its great hospitality and its beautiful landscapes. Eventhough Mauritius has 200 kms of breathtaking coasts, Azuri is the only location where it is possible to buy an oceanferont house only a few minutes away from the capital and Grand Baie.

Azuri is a wonderful program that offers apartments, penthouses and oceanfront villas on the North East side of the island. The villas have all the elements to create a comfortable living space: modern design, sober and elegant villas, ocean, island and mountain views. All the villas feature a garden with swimming pool.

The site in 180 hectars big. The residence is secured and features a gym, tennis court, boat dock, yacht club, … Azuri is a one-of-a-kind village where it’s easy to relax and live quietly. Experience life in one of Azuri’s luxury villas on the North East side of the island, while enjoying the great atmosphere of the village.

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