News, Editorial 26 July 2016

Le souk de Marrakech

The souk is one of Marrakech most fascinating attraction. Between Jemaa El Fna square and Ben-Youssef médersa, the souks of Marrakech are like labyrinths where you will find lovely artisanal products. The souk is organized by products and “know-how” and there are over 2500 artisans.

In the souk, you will be able to find anything: jewelry, vases, lanterns, trays, rugs, leather, clothes, scarves, babouches, food and all spices and the famous Moroccan pastries.

For a while now, a cival touristic brigade is walking the narrow streets of the souk to make sure there is no danger. Maybe one: go crazy for the wonderful products… Up to you to bargain, it’s the rule there!

Source: Sud Maroc

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Marc Foujols

le 26 July 2016