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The most expensive streets in Paris

Luxury real estate is on the rise in the capital. Driven by the renewed confidence in France and attractive interest rates, buyers – French or foreigners (which account for 40% of buyers of housing over 2 million), are heavily investing in Paris. The number of transactions is increasing sharply and selling times are accelerating with prices rising. has investigated to discover the most expensive streets of each district.

Discover the top 5:

– 5) In the 7th: Elisée Reclus Avenue, an avenue parallel to the Champ de Mars in which lived in particular the actor / author / playwright Sacha Guitry, displays a median price of 17,454 euros per sqm.
– 4) The Quai d’Orléans, in the 4th, located south of the Ile Saint-Louis and paying tribute to Gaston d’Orleans, the brother of King Louis XIII, has a median price of 17,729 euros per sqm.
– 3) In the 6th, it is the Rue de Furstemberg, in which the painter Eugène Delacroix had established his workshop during the last years of his life, which comes first with a median price of 18,839 euros per sqm.
– 2) In the 1st, we find the Place Dauphine, west of the Ile de la Cité. This is the second most expensive place in the capital with a median price of 20,373 euros per sqm.
– 1) And the first place in the ranking goes to the Avenue Montaigne, high place of Parisian luxury, in the 8th, with a median price of 22,372 euros per sqm.


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