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For 40 years, the luxury real-estate agency Marc Foujols has specialized insales and rentals of high-end properties in Paris, throughout France and internationally. The Group Marc Foujols offers more than 800 listings a year and has approximately 50 agents, associates or partners. Our client relationships are built on loyalty and trust, and we believe that every client is unique.

Exceptional Luxury Properties

Apartments, houses, villas, castles, mansions, or a simple pied-à-terre, Marc Foujols properties meet the highest quality standards of luxury, comfort, elegance, sophistication and location. These distinguishing characteristics make for exceptional high-end properties.

Marc Foujols CEO

Madame, Monsieur S.

16 May 2022

" The person who took care of the sale of our property is not only entirely professional but also very kind and totally discreet. We highly recommend her. "

Paris, France

Nayla C.

16 May 2022

" I strongly recommend the Marc Foujols agency for the property search, a big thank you to Ninon, for understanding our expectations, Ninon is professional, pleasant and respectful "

Paris, France

Mathilde R.

16 March 2022

" We were particularly satisfied with the work carried out by MARC FOUJOLS agency. And especially with the very professional and attentive collaborator who took care of the sale. This is not the first time that we have worked with the agency and we will do so again in the future without hesitation. "

Paris, France

Sarah L.

16 February 2022

" I recommend Sandra Scollnick for her professionalism. Thanks ! "

Paris, France

Herve T.

10 February 2022

" Very professional agency. Quality Customers "

Paris, France

Jordan C.

9 February 2022

" Nathalie is a real professional "

Paris, France

Julien R.

9 February 2022

" Very good agency, very pleasant and I recommend them for their great advice, especially Sandra. "

Paris, France

Mathilde R.

2 February 2022

" We particularly appreciated our experience with Mrs.Sandra Scollnick. Competent, attentive and very professional. We have had several opportunities to work with Marc Foujols agency for the sale of our properties. We were very satisfied every time and we will renew our relationship with them with confidence. "

Paris, France

Michèle M.

2 February 2022

" Very satisfactory offer, great reception and follow-up. A competent interlocutor who was "very legit" and a real sense of commitment that we appreciate. Certainly recommend. "

Paris, France

Franck D.

31 January 2022

" The consultant was attentive and responsive in presenting me with offers that matched my search criteria. "

Paris, France

Riccardo B.

24 January 2022

" Very service oriented, professional , great knowledge of the property, great proactivity and availability throughout all the process - from research to project completion "

Paris, France

Mitra M.

21 January 2022

" Very pleasant, professional, invested people! Thanks! "

Paris, France

Emmanuel C.

5 February 2021

" We were able to buy the house of our dreams thanks to the responsiveness and advice of Mr. Fournis "

Paris, France

Virginie S.

2 February 2021

" I recommend the agency and especially the dedication of Christophe Fournis, who was attentive, invested and responsive for the sale of my Parisian apartment. "

Paris, France

Nathalie D.

2 February 2021

" Finally an agency that listens to its clients. An agency that offers what the client is looking for and not the opposite. Thanks to Sandra who accompanied us on our projects. "

Paris, France

Emma B.

15 December 2020

" An agency that's been established for years. The agents know the market of Senlis, Chantilly and surrounding areas perfectly. I particularly recommend Guillaume Decourbe who in addition to being an excellent real estate agent, takes magnificent photos that render gracefully the properties he presents "

Senlis, France

Vincent R.

24 November 2020

" Greatly invested, good listeners and a warm welcome followed by an excellent service. "

Paris, France

Marie-Anne V.

30 September 2020

" We totally recommend this agency: from the appraisal of our apartment to its sale, Hugo B. was very responsive and accompanied us with great attention. "

Paris, France

Rania M.

10 June 2020

" A smooth experience. Hugo showed great professionalism and exemplary perseverance to sell our apartment quickly, at a price higher than the first offer that did not go through ... Thank you and congrats "

Paris, France

Camille C.

10 March 2020

" We called on the Marc Foujols agency and in particular Guillaume Decourbe to help us in the sale of our apartment. He and his entire team were very professional, responsive and attentive to us. They have a good knowledge of the market and Guillaume knew how to put our property in its best light with a very nice series of photos. It's with pleasure that we recommend you! "

Senlis, France

Vincent Q.

29 February 2020

" We were dealing with Guillaume Decourbe who managed to guide us on the long road to real estate sales. He also managed to understand our tastes and expectations regarding the purchase of our family home. A dynamic and efficient team. "

Senlis, France

Michael Z.

13 February 2020

" Very good service, always available and responsive! "

Paris, France

G. B..

31 January 2020

" We were followed by Sandra Scollnick who, throughout the search process, showed great professionalism and excellent quality of service."

Paris, France

Aurore C.

23 January 2020

" We sold our property in 3 days thanks to the skills of our agent Cristina Pereira. She knew how to enhance the property, but also to facilitate the sale by taking charge of communication with the various parties involved (syndic, diagnostician, photographer, notary, etc.). She is perfect !"

Yvelines, France

Nadia H.

20 December 2019

" Mrs. Nathalie Millereau, very reactive, efficient, convincing and always very available real estate agent. Recommend +++! "

Paris, France

Christophe R.

19 December 2019

" Excellent service very attentive, personalized service. "

Paris, France

Catherine H.

11 December 2019

" Very competent real estate agent, very welcoming, and very good follow-up. "

Senlis, France

Catherine P.

11 September 2019

" I want to thank Sandra for helping us buy the apartment we were hoping to find. She was reactive and present until the deal was signed. "

Paris, France

Hugues O.

10 September 2019

" I can only congratulate myself on having entrusted the sale of my apartment to MARC F agency. My interlocutor Mr. Hugo B was very invested in the search for a buyer and effectively led the negotiations until the signing of the deed of sale. "

Paris, France

Agathe F.

6 September 2019

" Efficiency, professionalism, attentiveness, availability. We put our house up for sale in mid-April and signed the preliminary agreement at the beginning of June. The sale took place in early August. We no longer live on site, the real estate agent was available whenever it was necessary. A big thank-you ! "

Paris, France

Franck B.

1 August 2019

" Excellent professionals. Very friendly welcome. Efficient service. "

Paris, France

Jean Paul M.

25 June 2019

" Such a satisfying experience must be shared!!! Guillaume D is both an outstanding professional - availability, seriousness, punctuality, responsiveness, efficiency, mastery of the file, relationship with the owners; everything was perfect - and an extremely friendly, cultured and humorous man, with valuable advice. Thank you Guillaume for helping us buy this dream mill 🙂 "

Paris, France

Florent T.

29 May 2019

" It was Mr Guillaume D who received us at Marc F agency in Senlis. He immediately understood our project, our search (unique or even atypical) and reacted very quickly and professionally. He immediately offered us coherent properties, and after a couple of tweaks, the property that won us over and triggered the purchase. In summary, serious support for project leaders, efficiency in the search for properties, a pleasant relationship. We recommend!"

Paris, France

Ariane T.

3 Avril 2019

" I particularly enjoyed working with Mr. R. whose experience and availability contributed to the quality of the work carried out. "

Paris, France

Ariel P.

17 March 2019

" Marion was very efficient and responsive in her service and communication. Very professional and invested. "

Paris, France

Peter B.

14 February 2019

" We dealt with Mr D who met 100% of our expectations. Thanks to him, we found our apartment. We highly recommend the agency. Peter and Laura "

Paris, France

Philippe D.

6 February 2019

" I appreciated the investment in the sales mandate and the honesty of the advice. "

Paris, France

Martin T.

4 February 2019

" Very effecient support allowing to optimize the deadlines and avoid impediments. The work was carried out with a sense of intelligence, discretion and performance. Kudos "

Paris, France

Justine M.

29 January 2019

" Thanks to Sandra for her patience, dynamism and support. She was available and attentive to our expectations. Thanks to her I found the apartment I wanted. I highly recommend ! "

Paris, France

Our Agents

Marc Foujols teams are dedicated to find the exceptional

Mathilde GERMAIN
Compliance and administration manager
Administrative assistant
Elisabeth WACQUEZ
Marketing and business development manager
Communications specialist
Commercial manager
Jean-Michel FOUJOLS
Property consultant
Property consultant
Property consultant
Property consultant
Property consultant
Commercial manager
Christophe FOURNIS
Property consultant
Simeng GAO
Property consultant
Property consultant
Property consultant
Property consultant - Seine-et-Marne region
Kathia AID
Property consultant
Candice PETARD
Rental consultant - Paris
Commercial manager
Mélanie VALLEE
Property consultant
Property consultant
Perrine ROBERT
Property consultant
Property consultant
Commercial manager
Guillaume DECOURBE
Assistant manager – Property consultant
Property consultant
Sandrine CONNELL
Property consultant
Rental consultant - Senlis & Chantilly
Catherine COM
Property consultant
Property consultant - Compiègne region
Laurent Alix HUGUET
Partner - Florida & Portugal
Stephanie MAREUX
Partner - Mauritius
Charles-Antoine SIALELLI
Partner - Alps
Partner - Morocco

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Paris Rive Droite Agency

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