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What’s a realtor for ?

Numerous soundings demonstrate that lot of French were not satisfied by the real-estate agents or didn’t trust them… Nevertheless, two thirds of the transactions are made by a real estate agent.
Indeed, sell a property require professionalism, precise legal knowledge to estimate, and advise at best the customers during their sale or purchase. The estimation of the properties is one of the tender spots! The private individuals benefit from easily accessible and free tools on the Internet (Meilleursagents for example) allowing them to make they even the real estimation of their property. It’s necessary to know that these sites are precise in +/-10 %. The professional has a more precise knowledge of the local market and takes into account numerous elements not gone into the algorithms of these sites: works, quality of materials, decoration etc…. The estimation of a price depends on precise criteria hard to assess by a web site. Furthermore, it is necessary to know that a seller is not still objective on the sale price. A bad evaluation can have heavy consequences on the sale.
The administrative tasks represent too an obstacle for the private individuals, very often badly informed about the legal documents to be supplied during a transaction. It is, for them, a real waste of time (Carrez law, DPE, lead, DPE, read by meters). The agent has legal knowledge, he assures a certain safety the customers. He detains a professional civil liability and a financial guarantee which cover the customers in case of dispute or of fault. A private individual arranges no assurance in case of fault or error on the sale. Rented, the real estate agent takes care of the writing of the leases, the visits, the inventories of fixtures, with collecting parts necessary for the constitution of the case… It’s a job ! A sale has more chance to be quickly made by a councilor : he benefits from a wallet of contact more important than the private individuals. The prospecting (e-mailing, telephone, distribution of leaflet in boxes in letters) also allows to bring of potential new customers to the agency.
Before making visits, the agent owes verify the solvency of the customers. Tenants’ selection also requires some attention during the study of cases if we want to avoid the unpaid rents.For the remuneration, in new the case on ten the fees are chargeable to the seller and around 4.87 % on average. The fees are always shown in agency and on the Web site of the agency.
Real estate agent … a competed but necessary job if we wish to make a sale or a purchase being accompanied and advised!

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Hemaa Thiagarajan

le 26 September 2021