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Real estate prices beat all records in Paris

At the end of 2017 blocks 9000€ of m ² was crossed and that of 10 000 € approaches … For an apartment in the old  Paris, the average becomes established in 9165€. It is a new record for the Parisian market. During the last barometer published by the Chamber of Notaries the price in m ² old apartments amounted to 8 510 €, on the increase annual of 5,5 %.

The buyers are many to want to invest in Paris and the trend should continue. All the districts increase. None of the 20 districts saw its price falling, the increase is general and strong! In certain districts the rhythm of progress is minimum 8.8 %. Among the districts by which the prices most increased, we find the XVIIIth (street of Abbesses, boulevard Ornano), the VIth (street of Assas, boulevard Raspail) and the IVth (street of Archives, place(square) of Vosges).

The steady request and the rarity of the offer are a part of reasons of this increase. So, according to the solicitors, sales increased by 7 % over one year in Paris. On June 30th, 2017, only 465 new housing was available on the sale according to Adil 75 (agency for the information on the accommodation)

It becomes more difficult to negotiate the prices prizes. Consequence of this pressure of the request, the sellers have the hand, and they know it very well. As a result: in Paris, the margin of negotiation is lower than somewhere else. If on the scale of the country, houses and old apartments can be the object of discount (of 3,3 % and 4,6 %), in the capital, the sale price of an apartment can generally be negotiated by no more than 2 %. The low rates favored the rise in prices, there was a kind of real estate euphoria. We sell very fast to very high prices !

Héloïse Schillio
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Héloïse Schillio

le 02 March 2018